Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More provocations from the Skopjan Diaspora

The provocations against Greece and Greeks by the Skopjan Diaspora continues to intensify. A Greek-Australian teacher recently sent a letter written in Greek to Greek political news website, Infognomon expressing his alarm at the situation:

the "Macedonians" of Melbourne and all of Australia, have from their media in Australia, made terrible attacks against Greece and the Greeks. We are characterized as "bastards", "freaks of nature", "bogeymen" "Conquerors of Aegean Macedonia", "fascists", "barbarians" and responsible for genocide, and the ongoing intimidation, of the "occupied" territories of Macedonia ....

The teacher recommends that readers visit the website of Greek-Australian newspaper, O Kosmos and click on the archive for the 3 June 2009 edition to read an update on the Skopjan provocations. He then continues:

The war has been declared by their local media, and it is a tough message to us Macedonians and Greeks in general, that the road ahead will be long one, that the "Macedonians" (Skopjans) will gnaw away at us from outside Greece, while in Greece, the politicians will continue to sleep. The issue is being lost and our politicians remain indifferent.....There is a need for the continued mobilization of truth in the view of the Macedonian issue!

Unfortunately, with European elections, petty party politics, financial scandals, the appointment of Turkish commanders as NATO administrators in Greece and personal career ambitions preoccupying the minds of Greek politicans, there is little hope they will give even a passing thought to Skopjan insults in the Diaspora.

Source: Infognomon, Antipodes

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