Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Skopjan leadership betrays its people

Hellenic Antidote has diligently and eloquently highlighted the deceitful, delusional and downright bizarre nature of the Skopjan regime and some of its people on a series of posts which can be found here. However, the political entity bordering Macedonia never fails to surprise.

Last week, German Left-wing newspaper, Der Spiegel ran an interview with F.Y.R.O.M. president, Gjorgje Ivanov. Before dealing with Ivanov, special mention must go to Der Spiegel which has established itself almost as a mouthpiece of the F.Y.R.O.M. regime after having published a series of interviews and articles whose only notable feature is their slavish
adherence to the insane beliefs and propaganda emanating from Skopje. These articles can be accessed here, here, here and here.

Returning to Ivanov, the 49 year old political scientist was elected president of F.Y.R.O.M in April 2009. In the interview with Der Spiegel, Ivanov discusses his country's conflict with Greece and his hope it will soon become a member of the European Union and NATO. He also suggests that in the 19th century all Macedonians lived together in one state and implies they were subsequently separated by the establishment of Greek Macedonia. He also suggests that Skopjans have a right to unify with other Skopjan minorities in neighbouring countries such as Bulgaria and Greece.

Not surprisingly, these comments correspond with the bizarre nature of the regime highlighted by Hellenic Antidote. Clearly, there was no political state entity in the 19th century called Macedonia in which all Macedonians (obviously Slav-speaking) lived together. Also, clearly there is no justification in claiming Greek Macedonia based on the existence of less than 2,000 Slav speaking people in Greece - whose ethnic identity is uncertain to say the least.

Furthermore, and even more seriously for the Skopjan people, Ivanov does not seem to realise that the European Union is becoming increasingly skeptical about further enlargement. And if any country was capable of assisting them, during this difficult time for EU aspirants to accede into the EU and NATO, it would be Greece. Rather, the Skopjan leadership prefers to continue with their insane nationalistic antics. More worryingly, they are continuing to solidify shady alliances with Turkey; which will ultimately align itself with Skopje's minority Albanian population, and spell the end of Slav dominance of F.Y.R.O.M.

Source: Der Spiegel, Antipodes

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