Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trouble continuing to brew in Thrace

The situation in Thrace continues to worsen. Turkey’s covert program of inciting the local Muslim population, whilst simultaneously raising minority concerns in bilateral relations with Greece in order to gain leverage on outstanding geopolitical issues, continues almost unopposed.

Many strategists in Greece believe Turkey's long term designs are to create another Cyprus (or the threat of another Cyprus
) or perhaps even a Kosovo whereby they use a false pretext, protecting a "threatened" Muslim minority, to invade another country. It should be noted that half of the Muslims living in Thrace identify as Greek Pomaks and Gypsies.

An article titled, “They are cultivating the climate for the minority” by Niko Meleti from the website, Infognomon highlights some of the strange developments that have been occurring amongst the Muslim community in Thrace guided by the support of Turkey. For example, just recently, Mustafa Sarnits, Turkish Consul General in Komotini, during the attendance of a children’s graduation ceremony of “Koran Koursou”, one of the many Islamic denominational schools which have filled Thrace, went to a Pomak village of Kechros and gave this message:

... I see here a Turkish community in abnegation. Continue this struggle without succumbing and support Turkism, thanks to you Turkism will continue in Thrace and will continue to live ...

Mr Sarnits, a few days later visited the Pomak village of Chloe, to participate in celebrations in which certain people are trying to re-introduce the “Forty Kourbania” (the forty sacrifices). The event is in memory of forty soldiers of Turk Suleiman Pasha, who fell in the struggle for the conquest of Thrace in the 14th century!

Turkey's stooges in Thrace are also urging Muslims to send their children to minority-only schools (not bilingual public schools), so as not to lose their religious and national identity, and to further the reach of Islamic Turkish identity.

Obviously, these incidents have raised legitimate concerns about the methodical and systematic effort of the Turkish
consulate - surpassing its mission and terms of reference - to cultivate favorable grounds for the demands of Turkey to interfere directly and in a divisive manner in the internal affairs of Greece. The Greek-Turkish "friendship" continues.....

Source: Infognomon (Niko Meleti), Antipodes

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